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We offer a diverse range of services when it comes to ductwork and airing systems. Our workers are skilled in everything from Air duct cleaning to chimney and fireplace maintenance; we offer it all!

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    Air Duct Cleaning Denver CO

    Action Air Duct performs commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Denver, CO. Air Ducts play a crucial role in cycling air through HVAC systems. If any part of the ventilation system is dirty or broken, it can severely lower the home’s or office’s air quality and decrease efficiency. Action Air Duct’s primary goal is to provide top-notch air duct cleaning in Denver, CO. So if you experience any need for ductwork-related cleaning and repairing service, you can rely on our services.

    Dirty airducts are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and many different microorganisms. Keeping your ducts clean will keep you safe from these harmful allergens at home and at the office. Air duct cleaning instantly improves the quality of your inside air and helps you avoid the dangers that result from poor air quality. We suggest that you have your ducts cleaned when you move into a new home, and then again at regular intervals, to ensure your air conditioning and heating system are operating efficiently and your air quality is at its best.

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    We are a full-service air duct cleaning company. Our services include:

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    Our 6-Step Service Process

    You would be amazed to know how we operate, how our process works, and how much we care about attention to detail.

    Project Initiation

    We take every single call and query seriously. And we make sure always to be responsive when you call.


    Our representative will patiently listen to your problem and will ask specific questions about your situation. And we offer a thorough consultation before we plan something.

    Appointment Scheduling

    After we resolve all your basic queries, we move to the next step of scheduling the meeting. Our team will let you know about their timetable.

    Team Arrives On-time

    Our team will arrive at the perfect time that suits you, and we strongly believe in providing you peace of mind so you can expect us to be never late.

    Real Work Starts

    Once our team is at your property, it’s only a matter of hours before your old air ducts turn into new ones.

    Project Completion

    After your systems are cleaned, we will show you pictures and offer an opportunity to assess the work’s quality, and we will also suggest a good time for the next cleaning.

    Action Air Duct is All About Speedy Action and Cleanliness

    At Action Air Duct , we not only deliver the best air duct cleaning Denver results, but we make sure to deliver them fast. Our professionals have years of experience, and they have full proficiency in any overhauls or cleaning of ventilation systems. We make sure to get rid of every single harmful microorganism and particle of dust in your ducts. We try only to deliver perfect results because providing mediocre work isn’t customary at Action Air Duct.

    Customers Reviews

    Amanda F.
    Read More
    This guy is amazing! We were having problems with our dryer. We had three guys come out and no one helped. This young man came out same day called, and pulled a huge piece of metal from our vent. I finally have a working dryer. I 100% recommend them!!
    Kribble M.
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    Tamir and his team are exceptional! I have wanted to get my dryer vents checked out and cleaned for years and I finally got around to researching companies. I am SO grateful that the company I went with was Action Air Duct. They were prompt, efficient, thorough and very knowledgeable. They diagnosed the issue, immediately. Tamir has such pride in his work that he will take the time to educate you and let you know how best to maintain your systems. I will use this company for all of our HVAC, Air Duct needs.
    Bruno Venichand
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    Action Air Duct cleaned my air ducts at home. They were excellent from the start. They were very flexible with the scheduling and arrived on time. The technician explained everything to us in detail before performing any cleaning. Highly recommended for best air duct cleaning service in Denver.
    Ashley Boyd
    Read More
    Jesus and his partner did a great job in cleaning my ducts, my furnace, and my dryer vent. Everything looks so much better after they were done, and they were very professional and cost competitive. I will be using Action again, and I would recommend that you give them an opportunity to earn your business too!
    Josh Pascavis
    Read More
    Jesus and his partner did excellent work. They were very professional and explained things thoroughly. I would highly recommend them to anyone and I will be using them again!
    DJ Martini
    Read More
    After a schedule mix up owner was very accommodating in seeing they would get to our house on the day we wanted. Employees were friendly, efficient and haste. Service was exceptional! For a local business I was happy to see the care in service. It's hard to find businesses that care about what they do and the service they provide but I would recommend this business to anyone!
    Suzanne Quinlan
    Read More
    Tamir was excellent from start to finish. He responded to my quote request within minutes and had fair pricing. Tamir & his team showed up on time and worked quickly to get the job done. They were thorough and got our new home set up with nice, clean ducts and system (It was very dirty before) We are very glad we called them and would highly recommend!
    Dean Bixler
    Read More
    I would highly recommend Action Air Duct. Tamir kept us posted on arrival time. Came in and repaired our dryer vent and then cleaned it. Need more companies like this!
    Audrey Montano
    Read More
    Very professional and thorough. I noticed a change in the air quality immediately. This service had never been completed since the home was built. It was filthy! The team was awesome and they definitely earned their pay today. I highly recommend!
    Diana Villa
    Read More
    Action Air Duct did a great job in my home cleaning all the vents! I recently installed AC At my house, and all at sudden I started have a very bad itch in my throat, And sneezing all the time. Sure enough it was due to the vents have never been cleaned out. I contacted Action Air Duct, they were able to schedule me right away and came Getting a tons of dust from the vents. The next day after their cleaning, I already started feeling better! I highly recommend this company 🙂
    Valerie Ng
    Read More
    Tamir was extremely professional and did quality work. I appreciated him keeping me up-to-date on when we would arrive. He was also meticulous with the work he provided. I would recommend him to anyone who needs their ducts and furnace cleaned!
    Yossi Assi Ben Adato
    Read More
    Very honest and professional, great service in an affordable price. Will definitely use again!!!



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