It’s been more than a year since the first case of the coronavirus appeared in china. A lot has changed in a short period. The whole course of our lives got drastically affected. We have been through a tough time, and it’s still not over. Many countries are facing a third wave of this fatal virus. The news of vaccine invention was indeed a relief, but it will still take a considerable amount of time to eliminate COVID-19 thoroughly. Until then, we have to follow the SOPs and ensure all the necessary measures.

Air Duct Business and Covid-19 Get Your Queries Answered

Most people are aware of the basics like not going out unless indispensable, wearing a mask, and using sanitizers. But that is not all; as we all know, virus particles spread from one person to another when the victim coughs or sneezes. Recently, research showed that these particles could also spread through HVAC units. Much less attention has been given to this sensitive matter, and we need to learn more to understand its impact on our well-being.

HVAC Systems Spread Virus!

The maintenance of the heating and cooling system has always been crucial. Most of us spend a great deal of time indoors, either working, eating, watching TV, or resting. Thus, the impact of indoor air quality on our health is significant. But now, with lockdown and quarantine, we all are spending 24/7 at our homes, and thus the need for air duct cleaning service Aurora twofold.

Although we all sustain specific hygiene standards, a sudden increase in HVAC systems usage raised many concerns. If by any chance a single droplet of virus finds its way in, it can affect everyone living there or even visit for a few minutes; it can cause an alarming risk.

The Factors to Consider

There are many factors that we need to consider in the maintenance routine of HVAC units. Before the COVID-19, the matter concerned dust, debris, or contamination of microbes that decrease our immunity and cause allergies. With this new threat hanging above our heads, there is no space left for negligence, let alone overlooking air ducts’ cleanliness.

The risk is higher whether it’s a residential or commercial HVAC system. As the signs of COVID-19 appear after 6 to 7 days and in the meantime, if the infected person coughs or sneezes in the particular room, corona particles can spread over the shelves, doorknobs, desks, or air ducts. The rest of the areas get a regular cleaning, except our air conditioners, thus becoming the most vulnerable.

Ventilation; Safe or Not?

There are many benefits of ventilation; it purifies the air removing many pollutants. It brings the out-door air in and sends out the indoor air through filters. But what if the air coming from outside contains the particles of COVID-19? Will filters be enough to cease them? And if it does then, won’t that contaminated filter be a constant threat?

These are the questions we never considered and asked. Nobody else does; even scientists agree that much less search has been conducted on HVAC units’ role in spreading COVID-19. But we cannot afford any more ignorance. It is not a matter of seasonal allergy or common flu; this deadly virus has already taken millions of lives, and we are in no position to lose any more.

What Is the Way-Out

The most critical question remains intact: what is the way-out? After a year, we are a lot more composed and calmer than before, as we know getting panicked will not help us. What we need is to make sensible lifestyle choices. We all have a system to maintain HVAC units depending upon the usage and other factors like environmental pollution.

Now is the time to alert that system. For years, the experts who have been working in this field understand the need for time and thus provide advanced and refined dryer vent cleaning service Aurora. But it is our responsibility to avail of satisfactory service as regular facility and technology are not sufficient. We need the most advanced equipment and chemicals to ensure the utmost hygiene.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

When the matter comes to the maintenance of HVAC units, there are many amendments we need to ensure. Before COVID-19, two to three times professional service was sufficient, but not anymore. Now we need a frequent facility with proper care and cautions.

Here are few tips to make your air conditioners safe and clean:

  • Never smoke in the room with an air conditioner as it damages their filters.
  • Clean and change the air filters frequently.
  • Keep track of the ducts.
  • Get the air channels clean once a month.
  • Wear a mask and wash after the cleaning.

These are the primary measures that we can easily follow at home, but it is not enough. We need to hire a pro and not just any expert but those who provide COVID-19 cleaning and sanitization for air ducts.

Choosing The Facility

When choosing the facility, you have to be extra careful. You have to make sure the company is genuine and reliable and also check if they follow all the mandatory requirements during this pandemic.

When looking for the air duct cleaning service Westminster keep these points in mind:

  • Their employees are corona negative.
  • They wear masks, gloves and follow the SOPs.
  • They use the latest equipment and products.
  • After the service, they clean and sanitize the whole room.

Suppose a company isn’t up to the mark, never appoint them. There is no space for taking risks. One mistake is enough to endanger the lives of your loved ones.

Benefits of Being Mindful

There are several advantages of being conscious. Some people who are not aware of the situation’s extent may say that you are paranoid, but they are wrong. Coronavirus is highly contagious and can spread through touching the same knob that an infected person has; therefore, we have to be conscious.
When we hire a consistent air duct cleaning service Aurora that follows and ensures all the precautions, we enjoy better hygiene standards and a secure germ-free environment. It boosts our immunity and prevents us from other infections. At this point, we can’t afford to be weak and vulnerable.

Action Air Duct Service in Pandemic:

Action Air Duct has been in business for decades and has served countless clients before and after the pandemic. We understand the vulnerability of time and the importance of our client’s health. Thus, our workers are trained and qualified to clean, repair, and maintain HVAC units by ensuring all the SOPs.

Our experts promise to deliver:

  • Impeccable service
  • Clean and germ-free air ducts
  • Efficient HVAC units
  • Thorough sanitization of the areas that our workers have occupied

Moreover, the doctors have tested our whole staff for COVID-19. We provide reports and test results on demand to maintain the trust of our customers. There is no need to worry anymore; we will survive this pandemic together with mutual effort and struggle. Thus, give us a call for commercial cleaning Dallas and enjoy enhanced hygiene as well as comfort.