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The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

When you buy a house you are making a huge investment. Part of that investment is your HVAC system, your air conditioning system, and the ducts that run behind all of the walls. Every breath you take, every breath your family takes, runs through these systems first.

Action Air Duct has years of experience providing residential customers with the highest quality air duct cleaning services in Denver, CO. The experts we recruit and train know all the best methods to effectively and thoroughly clean your HVAC system and ductwork. Our company knows the importance of home and family and how to protect yours from the nasty pollutants and particles that collect in your air ducts. We keep up to date on the best methods and the best equipment to do the job right.

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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. For an HVAC system to work properly, all aspects of the HVAC system need to be well maintained and clean.

There are two main types of HVAC systems. One is an air conditioner-based system which is typically paired with a gas-based furnace. The other is a heat pump system that can work as an air conditioner and is paired with an electric furnace. The main thing to remember is that both systems work to move air through your furnace or air conditioner, and through the air ducts and vents in your home as they recirculate the air in your home. When windows are open or doors open and close, particles from outside, such as pollen, smoke, dust and other pollutants are coming into the house. These particles then mix with particles from inside the house such as from cooking and cleaning, moisture from showers and baths, and pet fur and dander. This mix can then become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, viruses and bacteria. All of this is then circulated and recirculated through your HVAC system including all the ductwork in your home. Sounds gross doesn’t it?

The purpose of your furnace filter is to capture the particles in the air in your home. That is the large filter in your furnace that you are supposed to change every 2-3 months. Some pollutants are captured by your furnace air filter, which is why, when you change it, the old filter is often gray, brown or black. The color that filter can get depends on the activities in your house, the air quality inside your house, and how often the filter is changed. Unfortunately, those filters cannot catch everything. In addition, if you are not changing the filter regularly, once they are covered in gunk, they don’t capture anything else. The result is your air ducts become contaminated over time.

Don’t forget, since you have vents both inside your house and on the exterior of your house, other things besides pollutants can also end up in your air ducts.

There are other, far worse contaminants that can be in your air ducts. Have you just moved into a newly built home? Did you buy an existing house but don’t know if the previous owner ever had the air ducts cleaned? Have you had any construction done on your home? If any of these apply to you there are probably lots of things in your air ducts that should not be there.

Action Air Ducts has found many crazy things while cleaning air ducts. These range from dead bugs and mice, small critters to human trash like fast food wrappers, bottles, cans and cigarette butts. There can be construction debris like nails, screws, wood and drywall dust and even whole pieces of wood and drywall. None of these items belong in an air duct and certainly not in the air you are breathing!

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The first step in any duct cleaning is to examine the entire system. Our air duct cleaning technician examines both the air conditioning system and the heating system. We will inspect your main lines, returns duct and all the supply air vents. At your request, we can also inspect your dryer vent. We use a camera to view the ducts themselves so we can show you any particularly bad areas. At the end of our service, we will also provide before and after pictures.

Once we have assessed the state of your air ducts, we will provide a quote on how much it will cost to clean all the parts of your HVAC system that we have found need cleaning. In addition, if we find any problems, such as leaks or other damage to your HVAC or air duct system, we will let you know so we can discuss a solution. Any such problems we find and fix during regular cleaning can save you from more costly repairs down the road, increase your system efficiency and save you money on your utility bills.

In order to remove the debris from your air ducts, we must use a vacuum system and create negative pressure to force the debris to go into the vacuum and not out other vents into your living spaces. We will then use various devices to loosen the dirt and debris in your ducts, which will then get sucked into our truck mounted vacuum system.

After finishing the cleaning, the vents will all be cleaned and the whole system will be sanitized to help prevent any mold or bacteria from growing between cleanings. For the best indoor air quality, call Action Air Duct today. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and fair and competitive pricing.

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When is air duct cleaning necessary?

When your air ducts need to be cleaned depends on a number of factors:

  • Do you have smokers in the house?
  • Are there pets that shed hair, fur or dander?
  • Have you had a renovation done recently?
  • Has there been a lot of smoke in the air around your home? – this is more frequent lately in Denver and the surrounding areas.
  • Are you about to move into a new home?
  • Has there been water damage in your home that could have gotten into the air ducts?
  • Do you regularly change your air filters?
  • Do you have your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis?
  • Has dust been coming out of the vents when you turn on the heat or air conditioning?
  • Is there a musty smell in the house when you are running the heat or air conditioning?
  • Are your allergy symptoms getting worse, particularly after you have been home for a few hours?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then you probably need to get your air ducts cleaned.

Will air duct cleaning help allergies?

If you have allergies, you already know that it is important for the air in your home to be as clean as possible. While we all love the open spaces and parks and trees in Denver, those lovely outdoor spaces come with quite a few airborne allergens. Especially from April to September, we are constantly tracking that windblown pollen into our homes.

When most people think of keeping the air in their home clean, they focus on rugs, curtains, bedding and regular dusting and mopping of floors and surfaces where dust and dust mites can collect. They think of cleaning and sanitizing the house on a regular basis. If they have pets, those pets are either hypoallergenic or regularly brushed and groomed to cut down on pet hair and dander. Hopefully, they are replacing the air filters in their furnace on a regular schedule and closing the windows when there is significant pollen or smoke in the air.

What most people don’t think of is where the air in their home is coming from before they breathe it in. All of the air in your home will at some point pass through the air ducts in your attic or basement. This is because your HVAC system is constantly circulating the air through return vents (that send the air to the HVAC system) and supply vents (that bring the hot or cold air into each room). Like the circulatory system in your body that pumps your blood to all parts of your body, the HVAC system in your house pumps the air into all areas of your home. While diligence in cleaning, dusting and sanitizing helps keep a lot of the allergens out of the air, it cannot take all of the indoor air pollution out of the air. Those pollutants eventually pass into and out of your air ducts. In addition, since the HVAC system is not a closed system any pollutants that may be outside will eventually end up inside your house even if some of them are caught by your air filter.

Regular HVAC cleaning and air duct cleaning can make a very big difference. When you have your air ducts cleaned any dust and debris that has settled in your air ducts and on your vents are removed. Air flows more freely and the buildup that might be in your air ducts is not constantly reintroduced to your lungs. Having your HVAC system running will no longer mean runny noses or itchy skin from those pollutants. It can also help reduce asthma attacks.
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