When winter comes, you need to make sure that all heating appliances in your house are working perfectly, especially your HVAC system. The HVAC system is responsible for providing you with cold air in summer and hot air in winter. If this system is not running as it should, it will end up costing you. Any issues or loss of efficiency can be minimized by thorough air duct cleaning Denver. With time, the dust particles keep on building up in your air vents and restricts airflow. When the system works hard to provide you with maximum airflow, it results in higher utility bills.

Air Duct Maintenance 101: Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

If you want your system to be in perfect health, you should check it regularly for any issues. When you keep your AC well maintained and make sure that nothing is wrong with it, it will help you by reducing your energy consumption cost. You can adopt many ways to ensure that your system is running perfectly and fulfilling your needs in the most efficient way.

Better Circulation for Air

Every time, the system turns on, the debris and dust particle that floats with the air gets trapped in the vents and start gathering up. As the dust accumulates, it causes hindrance in the flow of air. It causes poor circulation of the air throughout the system. When your system works hard to provide enough hot or cold air, it exhausts, affecting efficiency. Professionals offering Denver air duct cleaning not only remove all the dirt from your system to improve the efficiency of your system but also assist you in discovering if there is any other issue that needs your attention.

Any issue that is causing the restriction in the airflow is increasing your heating bills too. If you have better air circulation in your HVAC system, it means that your system will keep your house cozy and your heating bills lower.

Reduction in Wear and Tear

When dust particles get trapped in your system, they restrict the proper circulation of the air, and it makes your HVAC system works harder than usual. It will increase your utility bills and cost you a large amount of money if it gets broken down due to wear and tear. However, with AC repair and maintenance services Denver in time, you can avoid any mishap, meaning you can save a lot of bucks in the longer run. These maintenances will also reduce the risk of any emergency breakdown. Getting your system serviced regularly reduces the risk of system failure due to wear and tear and will help increase its life span and efficiency.

Timely Service

When you get your HVAC system regularly serviced by professionals, it will increase its overall performance. Professionals and HVAC manufacturing companies recommend that you get your system check for cleaning every 2-5 years. When you hire any professional service to maintain your system, they ensure that they leave your system in perfect condition because small or big issues can cost you money.

Though the time when to get service varies from system to system, when you feel anything suspicious with your heating system, do not hesitate to call experts for their help.


If your HVAC system is experiencing any leakage, it means that your system is not working up to its full potential. Leakage of air means that you are not getting the maximum out of your heating system. Less amount of heat means that you need to use the system for a much longer time which will eventually increase your heating bills.

When you get your heating system check by professionals, they will tell you if there is any leakage, properly guide you on how to take care of this problem. They will also tell you how to reduce the risk of getting any future leakage problems. A leakage problem in your system will increase your heating bills, so fix it before the leakage takes its toll on your budget.

Thermostat Problem

This winter season, you can save a lot on your heating bills by simply resetting the settings of the thermostat of your HVAC system. For this, you can consult with the system manual or any professional service. If your heating system’s thermostat is not working as it should or gets faulty, it will increase your heating bills. Professionals providing AC repair and maintenance services Denver will guide you thoroughly on the optimal setting for your thermostat for the coming winter. If your thermostat needs repairing, they will also help you with that.

Many manufacturers suggest that you turn back your thermostat 7° for 8 hours a day from its normal routine, and it will cut your heating bills by 10% in a year. So switch to smart thermostats and reduce your utility bills.

Energy-Efficient Systems

You can also install energy-efficient HVAC systems to help reduce your utility bills. Many manufacturers are making energy-efficient devices in this modern era and giving them stars to the extent those devices can save energy. When looking for any HVAC system for your home, check for SEER rating; it will tell you how efficient a device is in any season. Many heating systems are coming with an energy-saving mood, which is an innovative technology, and it means that your system will adjust itself according to your needs. It knows when to turn on and off according to your use.


When you hire help from professionals for air duct cleaning Denver, make sure to ask them about your system’s configuration settings. Because there may be some fault with some part of your system which is causing increase your heating bills. So, with proper cleaning and configuration, your system will be as good as new. It will save you from any budget-harming situation. Air duct cleaning is not just about cleaning; it is about making sure that the health of your system is in optimal condition.

Air Vent Blockage

If your furniture, drapes, or any other type of equipment is blocking the pathway of your airflow, then you are making your system work harder. When your system works hard, it consumes energy, and with that, your heating bills. A blocked pathway will also increase the air pressure in the air vent, which can cause air leakage or create cracks. When you want to make sure that your system is working according to its design, remove any hindrance in its path, not just in the vent but also outside.

Air Filters

When you get your system inspected by professionals, make sure they take a good hard look at your filters. Whether they recommend you to clean or change the filters, do it. Your filters trap the most considerable amount of dirt traveling by the airflow; hence, they are responsible for the safety of your health and your heating system. If you are experiencing any discomfort with the efficiency of your HVAC system, search “Denver air duct cleaning” and hire professionals for deep cleaning. They are equipped with every necessary tool to clean out every filth from your heating system. You will get to save money both on emergency repairs and heating bills when you keep filters of your HVAC system in top-notch condition. It also helps in the longevity of your system and saves you money in this way too.

For better results, experts recommend checking filters every 30 days and replacing them every 3 months for the most efficient results.

Insulation of the Duct

Proper insulation on your air ducts will help slow the loss and gain of heat. It will keep your home colder in summer and warmer in winter. But if your home was built way before the ducts were made standard, then your house heating system may be missing on the most energy-efficient solution there is. When you hire professionals, they will help you spot any issue affecting the efficiency of your system. A minor repair and upgradation now can save your system from any significant damage in the future.

Properly Sealed Ducts

To decrease the risk of any air loss, make sure that the ducts of your heating system are adequately sealed. Experts will help you locate any little break seal that is causing an increase in your heating bills. These leaks are responsible for heat wastage, and they can become much more severe over time. Sometimes, these leaks are so small that you barely notice them, and when you do, it’s too late.

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Winter is coming! And what are you doing to get your house ready for it? Now you know all the ways that can help you save money on your utility bills this winter. So, instead of trying a DIY yourself, hire a professional cleaning and repair company for better results and quality service, and for best HVAC services, connect with Action Air Duct.

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