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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning Denver

When was the last time you really looked at the surfaces and vents in your office space or thought about how well your HVAC system was working? Most business owners don’t examine every office or hallway when the building is occupied. The employees in your office, however, probably do. Has anyone complained that the office is too hot or too cold, or that there are hot or cold spots in the building? Has the janitorial staff mentioned a greater than usual amount of dust covering surfaces in the building? Perhaps your HVAC equipment breaks down frequently. You or your employees may be sneezing more after a few hours at work. These seemingly unrelated issues are actually indications of dirty HVAC ducts.

If you are experiencing any of these events, or more than one, it is time to call Action Air Duct to fix the problem. We are a top Denver, Colorado air duct cleaning service provider and we can get your dirty air ducts clean!

Dirty Air Ducts

How Did They Get So Dirty?

The room itself is the source of the dirt. Remember, in most commercial buildings, windows don’t open. So any dirt carried in from outside stays in the building. In addition, dirt, dust and debris from the activities that occur in the building stay in the building. When a heating system or air conditioning system is running, fast-moving air from a supply vent blows air around the room. This turbulent air will carry dust, soot, fibers, paper dust, and other impurities present in the room through the return vents into the duct system. The dirt and debris that enters the system then accumulates in the ductwork, reducing its efficiency. Additionally, if left unchecked for a long period of time, these impurities can begin to grow mold and mildew, exacerbating any existing allergies or respiratory issues.

What Happens if You Have Dirty Air Filters

Dirty Air Filters cause higher operating costs and more inefficient cooling or heating system operation. Some of the side effects of having dirty air filters are:

  • 1
    Reduced air flow into the building.
  • 2
    Increasing the costs associated with heating or air conditioning the building.
  • 3
    Dirt buildup on the fan blades resulting in reduced energy efficiency and higher energy costs.
  • 4
    Long term, a dirty air filter can cause buildup of debris in the air duct system, which can result in mold and allergen problems in a building, thus requiring more expensive duct cleaning or replacement.
  • 5
    By blocking the cooling coil, dirt may reduce system effectiveness and cause expensive repairs.
  • 6
    Frost accumulation on the cooling coil can lead to reduced, or even completely blocked, air flow in the system.
  • 7
    Excessive accumulation of dust and debris can cause the filter to fill, allowing particles no longer being caught by the filter to clog up the blower fan, resulting in more expensive repairs.

Your Office Air May be Affecting Your Employees Ability to Work

A major new study out of Harvard University published in 2020 in a book titled “Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity” discusses the effect of indoor air on worker productivity.

The study does not just demonstrate that poor air quality makes workers unhealthy, it also shows that the polluted air also causes cognitive impairment, slowing us down on cognitive tests and exercises and making it easier to get distracted. The link between air pollution and poor performance on tests was alarming, especially considering that the greater the level of particle pollution (dust, soot, dirt, smoke) in the building air was directly correlated to lower test scores.

As one of the authors of the study stated, “The office air you breathe is having an immediate impact on your cognitive function.”  The researchers even pointed out that in offices with “good air” air (that has fine particulate matter below 1,000 parts per million) people still showed cognitive decline.

So, to give your employees and customers the best chance at a productive workday, call Action Air Duct today for the cleanest ductwork and the highest quality air for your commercial building.

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Investing in commercial air duct cleaning services is an important part of maintaining your HVAC system and ensuring it runs at peak efficiency.  In addition, as noted in the Harvard University study, one of the most important benefits of duct cleaning is giving the people in your building an environment that promotes optimal cognitive function. Action Air Duct provides comprehensive commercial air duct cleaning services to businesses in Denver, Colorado.  Our well trained and certified technicians provide professional, thorough, courteous and efficient air duct cleaning to keep your building and your people healthy. Investing in commercial air duct cleaning and regular maintenance protects your building, your tenants or customers and your business’s bottom line.

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