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Installing a good quality and properly working duct system is necessary to ensure a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient home. For a successful, efficient installation of your air duct system, it’s essential to hire a professional. For this reason, our team of experienced and trained technicians provides quality duct installation and sealing services in Denver, Colorado and its surrounding areas. Our priority is to ensure that our customers have a reliable duct system, so we work hard to provide exceptional service.

Our technicians are experts in ductwork service and can assist you in picking the ideal size, style, and design that best suits your home. For lasting performance, we use the best materials when constructing your new duct system. We always provide a free cost estimate based on your specific duct installation needs so you can make an informed decision before you commit to moving ahead. You can rely on us to deliver superior results.

Why You May Need New Air Ducts

Below are some of the more common reasons you may need duct replacement or repair:

The previous system was the wrong size for you heating and cooling needs. If the previous installer incorrectly calculated the power of your air conditioning unit or did not take into account the type of heating system you have, the air ducts may be too small. Sometimes you install new air conditioning systems or furnaces, and that change can affect whether the air ducts you have are still the right size.

Not Enough Returns

What are the returns? Around your house are different size vent covers. Some vents are small and in the floor. Some vents are larger and located in the wall or ceiling. Those larger vents are your returns. The smaller vents are your supply vents. If your air duct system has been set up correctly the return vents and the supply vents will be pretty far away from each other. The reason the two types of vents need to be as far away as possible from each other is first, to have the hot or cold air circulate properly through a room, and second, to make sure the air pressure remains equalized so doors don’t slam.

What can you do if you don’t have enough returns?

In many older houses, the heating system was not designed with multiple returns. Instead, a single large return was placed on the main floor in one of the larger rooms. If you have a house with only a single large return vent, the only way to properly heat or cool your home is to keep doors open so air can circulate. In a home with just one large return vent, it is critical that nothing is blocking that vent. Air duct cleaning is also extremely important when you only have one return vent.

If you are considering a new air conditioning system or furnace, this would be a good time to have an HVAC specialist install additional air ducts and return vents throughout your home. This will help equalize the air pressure in your home and make it more comfortable. Action Air Duct technicians can install additional return vents in your home, ensuring that they are properly sized and placed for continuous airflow and optimal performance.

If you have air ducts in multiple rooms in your home and you are still having issues, there may be a problem with your vent covers, a leak in your ductwork, or debris build-up in your air ducts. You may notice noises coming from your vents like rattling, banging, high pitched sounds, or other noises that just shouldn’t be coming from your vents. There are a few things you can do to determine if it is a minor issue or a major one.

Open all of your vents. Most supply and return vents have an adjustable grill that opens and closes with a wheel or a lever. Go to all of your vents and open them all to the widest point possible. Wait a little while and see if that solves the problem. If not, try cleaning the vent covers. You can use a vacuum to suck up any dust on the covers. You can also fairly easily remove the grill cover and vacuum the area just below the vent. Taking the vent covers off will also allow you to wash them. If that doesn’t work, there may be a bigger problem. You should call Action Air Duct to clean and examine your supply ducts and return ducts. During this process, Action Air Duct technicians will check to see if there is debris or leaks or a more serious problem.

For air duct cleaning services, air duct installation, or air duct repair of problem duct work, Action Air Duct will diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution. A happy customer is our goal, and we strive to provide the best service in Denver.

Improving Duct Performance

Fortunately, there are some signs that can indicate that your ducts are not performing as they should. If you have high utility bills in both summer and winter, or if you are having trouble heating or cooling certain rooms, these could be indicators that your ducts need attention. Improving the performance of your ducts is an important step towards creating a more comfortable and energy efficient home. Sealing any holes or leaks in your ductwork will help reduce energy loss and improve overall system performance. Additionally, regular maintenance such as cleaning and inspecting for any damage should be done regularly to ensure optimal performance from your HVAC system.

Expert vs. Good Enough

When it comes to duct installation, there is a big difference between doing a good job and doing an expert job. An expert installer will take into account the size of your home, the type of heating and cooling system you have, and any other factors that could affect the performance of your ducts. An expert will ask questions about the conditions in each room in your home. They will also use high quality materials and sealants to ensure that your ducts are properly sealed. There may be other HVAC companies out there that will quote you a lower price and they may do a “good enough” job. But if you have problems with your duct system, your HVAC system will never function optimally. This means bigger energy bills, less comfortable rooms in winter and summer and a shorter lifespan for your furnace or air conditioner.

So don’t settle for “good enough.” Call Action Air Duct today and make your HVAC system great!

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